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A Prayer for Panic-Buyers

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

There’s been a lot of understandable frustration directed at pandemic panic-buyers stripping the shelves of toilet paper, hand sanitiser and pasta. I’ve shared this frustration myself which, at times, has given way to derision and a fair amount of judgement. But the more I thought about it, the more I figured my judgement wasn't helping anyone. If anything, it was making the situation worse because it was creating further division (sensible, virtuous shoppers versus panic-buyers) in a community that needs to come together more than ever.

I began to ponder what the rest of us can do to help the fear-driven stockpilers among us so that they feel safer and therefore less likely to panic-buy. Seeking to understand them instead of judging them seemed like a good place to start.

A Prayer for Panic-buyers

God of Comfort

Some of us are freaking out

and we're turning to tangible things

like toilet paper

canned beans

and packets of baby wipes

to settle our jangled nerves

and regain a sense of control

for this virus, which steals into our cells,

is rather a lot like fear,

tricking us into believing its lies

and replicating panic –

panic that fosters division among us

shopper against shopper,

neighbour against neighbour,

when the truth is,

we’re stronger together.

As Covid-19 casts its shadow across us,

redirect our gaze, O God,

away from false refuges

away from fear

and back to the light of truth:

There is enough.

We have enough.

You are enough.

May you soften our hearts towards the stockpilers

(who really are only afraid)

and release our judgement

which only serves to divide.

In these turbulent times,

may your peace enfold our world.




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