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An Easter Blessing

My friend and fellow poet, Mandy Langlois, has written an Easter blessing especially for my congregation. Since its message is universal, with Mandy's persmission, I'm sharing it here for others to enjoy.

Renewal and Refreshing

God’s presence is everywhere and in all things.

May the crisp rush of the Autumn winds

sweep into the corners and shadowed crevices

of your heart and mind.

May the brightness and full moon of your spirit

bring a kind and compassionate glow of healing

to the cracked, broken portions of your life.

May the Divine, move like sap

in the veins and capillaries of your inner most being.

May it flow to the farthest reaches of your soul.

May the symbols of water, wind

and the forgiving light of the moon,

Refresh and Renew you for the year to come.

–– Mandy Langlois, 19 April 2019



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